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Traveling back to the wild west in preschool

TravelingOur summer camp is in full swing, and today we traveled back in time to the Wild West! Here are some of the fun ideas the preschoolers did today:

1. Big cowboy painting – Children did a collaborative painting of a cowboy/cowgirl. Tomorrow, they’ll use it to play pin the mustache on the cowboy!

2. Old time photos- Have the children dress up in cowboy hats, bandanas and pretend mustaches and take a headshot. Make sure they have a serious face, as the photos from the old west. Print the pictures out in black and white or sepia tone. Then you can use the photos for the children to make “Wanted” posters of themselves! Have fun with the posters by using funny slogans (ie. “Wanted for not making his bed”, “Wanted for not eating all her vegetables”, etc.).

3. Cowboy boot decorating – You can use all types of craft materials for this one and allow the children can be really creative in their design!

We also had scrambled eggs and a campfire banana treat for snack – yum!

If you have some other Wild West ideas, please share them here using the linky below! Later this week …we’ll go to the future in outer space!!



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