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Watching seeds sprout in preschool

Watching seeds sproutA few months back, Tressa and I each filmed a video series for ehow.com on various preschool-related topics. The topics we were asked to do were based on what people were searching for on their site. We’ll be sharing some of the video clips from time to time here on our blog.

The first one we wanted to share is appropriate for this time of year … here in the Northeastern US, we are starting our season of planting! Weather is getting warmer … hopefully no more frosty evenings! At our school we are doing a lot of planting now as we recently had some planter boxes built on our playground (this was a part of my son’s Eagle Scout project … yes, I’m a proud Mom!).

Above is a picture of my son with the finished planter boxes – one square for each of our preschool classes to use. We only just started the planting process … so nothing is growing just yet!

So, outdoor planting is a great long-term project for children. It is one that takes a bit of time (and patience … and dedication) to see the results. But often times, young children benefit from seeing a “faster” result in a short-term project. To that end, Tressa explains some preschool projects you can do with “fast-growing” seeds (that can be done INDOORS) in the video clip below. Enjoy!


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