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DigCitKids Challenge: How do you help your neighbors?

If you read my first post on digital citizenship, I shared what it is and how we can start by teaching our kids that when it comes to technology … it’s important to BE GOOD and use it FOR GOOD. Using technology FOR GOOD As a way to get started, I encourage you to check out the DigCitKids Monthly Challenge: How do you help your neighbors?  This
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Digital Citizenship: What is it and why is it important in the education of our children

It’s back to school time!  But this year, it’s not just my kids who are in a classroom.  I have taken the plunge to go back to graduate school again; this time pursuing a degree in educational technology.  For me it’s a perfect fit, as it blends my career history and interests.  While I am both excited and terrified at the same time, I
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NAEYC: Tech on Deck

After a morning of traveling from Connecticut to Georgia, Laura and I were happy to arrive to our hotel room. After we settled in and had a nice lunch, we quickly checked out the room that we will present our seminar in tomorrow morning. We are so excited to be part of this amazing conference. Tonight, Laura and I attended our first Annual NAEYC
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Adding technology to preschool play

Many of us are fascinated with technology. (Just think of the long lines to get the latest iPhone.) Technology is an everyday part of our lives … and the lives of the children who we parent and teach. Children learn by mimicking what they see around them … I’m sure many of us have seen the toddler who picks up a block and starts
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Technology as another tool in the teacher’s toolbox!

To incorporate the many ways children learn, teachers have a “toolbox” … materials, strategies and knowledge that they rely on to instruct and care for young children. No ONE method, manipulative, experience or strategy will work for every child or situation. Those of us in early childhood need to be FLEXIBLE (you never know which way the day will go!) … and we should
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