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DigCitKids Challenge: How do you help your neighbors?

If you read my first post on digital citizenship, I shared what it is and how we can start by teaching our kids that when it comes to technology … it’s important to BE GOOD and use it FOR GOOD.

Using technology FOR GOOD

As a way to get started, I encourage you to check out the DigCitKids Monthly Challenge: How do you help your neighbors?  This is a great idea for classrooms of all ages/grades to start a conversation on ways we can help our neighbors – both near and far. For the month of September, the challenge is to come up with ways to help your neighbors.

Start by asking your kids to brainstorm answers to the following question ….

Then go to the DigCitKids page to take the pledge and share your ideas on Twitter using #bethatKINDofkid!

Don’t forget to tag @theseedsnetwork as well, so we can follow along! 🙂


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