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How can we enter kids’ world to teach them?


Teaching is often undervalued. After parents, teachers are the people that have the most impact on who we are as human beings, on both a personal and a professional level. This influence is particularly important at early ages when kids are developing the basis of all their knowledge and social skills.

Nowadays, teachers have a hard time finding ways to engage kids due to their short attention span – and also because these kids were born in the digital age and, too often, schools and teachers are still far behind.

Entering kids’ worlds to increase engagement can be a great strategy to overcome these obstacles.

Video consumption plays an important role in kids’ lives but is not always a positive feature. It is normally a passive experience without interaction and one which doesn’t help to reinforce knowledge.

But now teachers can use video resources in a more productive way, making them attractive for kids and a useful tool to work specific themes or skills.

Using kiddZtube Academy, teachers can create video-quiz lessons with the videos that kids love. The content is selected by the teacher from YouTube, and then personalized with questions testing topics of the teacher’s choice.

Example of how teachers can use this tool

If the subject that is being taught during the week is, for example, Christmas, the teacher can use kiddZtube Academy to create a Christmas playlist with songs and cartoons and create questions that will reinforce vocabulary, activities, emotions, colors and much more. They can practice the songs in the classroom together and the teacher can even give kids access to the video lessons to watch at home. This gives parents and kids a chance to work on the quizzes together and helps educators push their teaching beyond the classroom.

Using videos that kids love will certainly grab kids’ attention because teachers show that they understand their worlds and adapt to their needs.

Easy for teachers to use

Apart from all the fun, kiddZtube Academy is intuitive and easy for teachers to use. The platform is designed to save teachers time but is also powerful enough to track kids’ performance with a full dashboard that gives the teacher a view on how the class is performing and how kids are doing in specific subjects.

Because it’s free to use both for parents and teachers, it is really Universal and available for everyone to try out.

The kiddZtube Academy platform was created with teachers and for teachers, proving itself to be an innovative, useful and simple-to-use resource that will put a smile on the faces of kids and teachers alike.

Hugo Filipe Ribeiro – CEO of Co-Founder of magikbee (educational technology company) is Father to 2 young girls and with more than 12 years experience in Mkt and Innovation in TELCO Multinationals, with a particular focus on products to the youth segment. Inspired by how his daughters were using digital devices, he decided to start his own company to create better solutions based on technology that could give kids new ways of learning through fun interactive experiences.


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