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Where to find interactive media online

"Photographs can build a bridge for students to connect the familiar to the unfamiliar.” -- Brian Puerling, Teaching in the Digital Age
Just like books, the use of digital photos and videos can be a helpful resource to explain topics to young children. Where to find photos and videos online: Teachers should view ALL images and videos beforehand and choose ones to show children before class. Note images online are copyrighted, so take care in how you are using them. Other examples of tech tools and interactive media that can be used in ECE:
  • SMART Exchange Search for Lesson Plans for your SMART Board Search by grade (pre-kindergarten) & by subject
  • We Give Books Free online library of books
  • Picture card maker ITunes app that can be used as an assistive technology for children with special needs, developmental delays or for children where English is a second language
  • TapToTalk Can help children with limited speech capabilities communicate their ideas. Children can point to digital pictures in a broad range of categories (places, things, and actions, for example) and the app will respond by saying a sentence out loud.
  • Signed stories Stories told in sign language (with subtitles and an audio option).