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Apples and Oreos (a toothy experiment)

Teachers can demonstrate how sweet snacks (like cookies) are not healthy for your teeth by eating an oreo cookie, and then showing your teeth to th... Details »


Apple Smiles

Spread peanut butter onto one side of each apple wedge. Using miniature marshmallows, put the "teeth" in place onto the apple wedges. Put... Details »


Fruit Exploration

Cut open 1 or more large fruits have the children explore what's inside. Allow them to use their sense of touch by feeling the insides. Provide... Details »


Stained Glass Fruit People

Give each child a piece of contact paper cut out in the shape of a fruit (can use glue and wax paper if no contact paper is available). Some easy f... Details »

Apple Observation

LEARNING OBJECTIVE : Scientific exploration and experimentation. Observe changes to food (apples) when the apple is cut and exposed to the air.... Details »


Apple Patterning

LEARNING OBJECTIVE : To develop concepts of math. To help children recognize and create a pattern. To have children relate number to quantity... Details »

Apple Stamping

Cut the Apples in half vertically and horizontally (cut in half perpendicular to the core). Pour the paint onto a sponge or onto a paper plate. ... Details »


"Who took the apple from the apple tree?" (game)

Have children sit in a circle and play " Who took the apple from the apple tree?" (chant this phrase as the apple is passed from child t... Details »


Pass the Apple

Play like hot potato. The children pass an apple until the music stops. Whoever is holding it when the music stops is sent to the apple patch ( the... Details »


Mini Apple Pies

Cut pie crust with the biscuit cutter. Slice apple pie filling into smaller chunks. Give children 1 circle of pie crust and have them put a sma... Details »


Apple Sauce Parfaits

Place crackers in a ziploc bag and have children take turns crushing them by rolling over the bag with a rolling pin. Next, have children put a... Details »


Making Apple Cider

LEARNING OBJECTIVE : Concepts of science - learning how apple cider is made from apples. Observe and experiment with how things turn from one ... Details »

Apple Graphing

LEARNING OBJECTIVE : Concepts of science - exploration with all 5 senses (touch, taste, sight, sound, smell). ACTIVITY : Using 3 differ... Details »

Seasonal Sink or Float

LEARNING OBJECTIVE : Concepts of science - Experimenting with Fall objects to see which will sink and which will float . Fill tactile table... Details »

Cinnamon Apple Sauce Ornaments

There are a variety of good recipes for cinnamon apple sauce ornaments out there. Some call for craft glue, some do not. Here are links to a few... Details »


Friendship Fruit Salad

This is a fun activity to do at the beginning of the school year and when going over classroom rules. The concepts learned can be referred to many... Details »


In-School Apple Demonstration

When planning a theme on apples, it is a good opportunity to teach about life cycles and plant growth. Depending on your location, a field trip to ... Details »

Trees through the seasons

This project can be done during any season, when talking about changes in the weather and how that affects the environment. We did this in the Fa... Details »

Robot snack

This is one of those snack that parents or teachers can make for a classroom, after school treat or a party. Viewing the picture as a guide, ... Details »