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Animal week at preschool

DSC07048We are in the middle of summer camp, and last week was all about animals. We broke out each day to focus on certain kinds of animals – we had Zoo Animals, On the Farm, Pet Day, Pond Life and Jungle Adventure. Here are a few of the activities that we had for each of these days:

Zoo Animals

• BOOKS: “Wild about Books” and “The Giraffe who cock-a-doodle-doo’d
• SNACKS: Animal crackers
• GAME: Animals cracker charades
• CRAFT: Marbled zebras (see picture above)

On the Farm

• BOOKS: “Funny Farm” and “Cows can’t fly
• SNACK: Chicken feed (mix of sunflower seeds, dried fruit and cereal)
• GAME: Pretend to milk a cow – use latex gloves will small holes in it, filled with milk and have them squeeze them over a bucket (be sure there are no latex allergies in your group first
• CRAFT: Mixed up Animals


Pet Day

• BOOKS: “Good boy Fergus” and “Wanted, The Perfect Pet
• SNACK: Fish bowl snack (glass bowl of blue jello with swedish fish)
• GAMES: Doggy, doggy where’s your bone and Pet Hospital
• CRAFT: Dog bone prints (get various size dog bone treats and have children dip them in paint and stamp with them on paper)

Pond Life

• BOOK: “In the small, small pond
• SNACK: Frog Food
• GAMES: Five Speckled Frogs , Froggy, Froggy catch the fly and Where’s the egg game


Jungle Adventure

• BOOKS: “Jumbled Jungle” or “Click Clack Crocodile’s Back”
• SNACK: Banana treats (cut bananas in half, put them on popsicle stick, spread honey on them and roll them in sprinkles or shredded coconut and freeze)
• GAME: Animal relay races (have children race pretending to be elephants, bears, tigers, etc) and Alligator’s Go!
• ART: Have a teacher do animal face painting

More on animal crafts next week when we have a guest post from popular blogger, Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art!


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