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A few of my favorite #DigCitSummit things!

The Digital Citizenship Summit is a conference that focuses on engaging in conversations about kids and technology use. This organization brings together parents, educators, industry organizations AND students to talk about positive ways to address social media and technology use as a community.

The latest DigCitSummit took place in Utah on November 3 & 4, 2017.  If you follow #DigCitSummit, you can see the conversations that took place.  Here are a few of my favorite resources that I learned more about from the Summit!

Favorite thing #1

“Noah’s New Phone – A story about using technology for good” –  

I love using books and stories as a way to teach kids.  It’s a great way to help connect with them at a level that is age-appropriate and meaningful to them.  This book is geared towards kids ages 7-11, and can be used to start the conversation about good ways to use a cell phone when introducing it to your child.

Favorite thing #2


This website is a great resource for parents and teachers as they teach their kids about digital citizenship, media literacy and the dangers of inappropriate online content.  There are sections for parent that include videos to help guide you through digital issues you may face; such as how to react when your child is obsessed with a video game.  There are also lessons with activities to teach about many topics, such as media literacy, gratitude, using tech for good and more.

To get an idea of what you can find, start with this post on “5 ways kids can use smartphones for good“.

Favorite thing #3


Flip the classroom and break down the walls!  Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that teachers can use in the classroom to promote student voice and collaboration.  Teachers can add a topic which the students can respond to using short videos. Use it to engage with the classroom across the hall, a school in another state or a classroom in another country.  

Favorite thing #4

BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. – girlsarebrave.org

Our mission of this amazing student-run organization is “to inspire and challenge humans to be BRAVE and self-empowered contributors to a better world”. They work towards this mission through mentoring, leadership opportunities and community engagement projects – all run by and for students! 



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