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Helping shy preschoolers in your classroom

Helping shy preschoolersToday we’ll share a video clip that we filmed for ehow.com, about ways teachers can help make a shy preschooler smile and feel comfortable. It’s no doubt that sometimes you’ll have preschoolers coming in your class who are very shy and a little bit timid. And so, what you want to do as an educator and as a teacher is to find ways to make them feel comfortable within your class and to trust you.

So, the way that we try to do that at our school is just to find ways of making that child feel at home. So, that might be bringing in something special from home like a stuffed animal, maybe something they can hold onto for a little while in class or maybe even finding something within your classroom that they feel comfortable holding. Just giving them a sense of security will really help them feel more comfortable and hopefully, give you a little smile.

We filmed a few additional suggestions in the video clip below … take a peek!

I think it’s important for teachers to take the time to make that child feel warm, safe and comfortable and by really making an effort to find an interest that the child has in order to acclimate them to your classroom – and make them feel safe and comfortable.

How do you assist shy students in your classroom? Share your thoughts with us below!


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