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How is full-day K changing the preK experience?

KpostThere is no doubt that Full-Day Kindergarten is sweeping our nation. More and more school districts across the country are finding funding and space to offer a longer day of instruction verses a shorter half day.

Over the past few years an abundance of research has been provided to prove that there are many benefits for the full day model. And so, the district in which our early childhood center resides will be transitioning to the full day Kindergarten model for the 2013-2014 school year.

I am eager to hear from Directors, Teachers, and Parents across the country in regards to how to best prepare four year olds for Full Day Kindergarten?

For early childhood program that offer part-day preschool classes … have you had to make changes to your part-day preschool instruction in order to prepare students for a full day when they enter Kindergarten?

Parents with children attending full day Kindergarten programs, feel free to share your child’s experience and how your preschool teacher prepared your child for the transition. We want to hear from you!


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