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It’s apple picking season (and apple life cycle video)!

August through October is apple picking season here in Connecticut! Our family visited one of our local pick-your-own farms for some Macintosh and Gala apples which are in season right now. We’ll definitely be back later this fall for the Cortlands, Golden Delicious and others.

Many local preschools schedule a field trip to an orchard, which helps the children learn about where apples come from and they really enjoy being able to pick their own.

We start off with a tractor ride to take us out to the trees that are in season. This is always exciting for the kids!


The great thing about apple trees at an orchard are that they are not too tall.  Little hands can easily reach and pick apples!  Fill up some bags to take back to your classroom for use in cooking/snack making, crafts (like apple stamping) or exploration.


Bringing the apple orchard to your classroom

If you live in an area where you can visit a local apple orchard, that is a great field trip to take with your preschoolers.  If you do not, there are many other ways to teach children about the apple life cycle, and show children what an apple orchard is.  Another option is to try an in-house apple demonstration, as we did one year.

Another idea is the use of photos and videos.  You can make a slide show of videos of an apple orchard (such as the photos we used in this post).  We also created a downloadable video as another resource you can use to introduce this topic in your classroom – or use it as an preview to a field trip.

View the video above … or download it FREE at our Teachers Pay Teachers online store.

More Apple Resources

For all kinds of other APPLE activities, snack ideas and crafts – check out our SEEDS idea search, our Pinterest “Apple” board, AND digital resources (videos, high quality photos, printables, curriculum guide) at our Teachers Pay Teachers online store.




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