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Last minute Father’s Day gift

Father's Day Ok … it’s the day before Father’s Day … do you need a quick, simple yet personal gift idea that the children can make?? Don’t have time to run to the store?

Try personalizing a coffee mug!

Get a solid color ceramic mug and some Sharpie (or permanent) markers – you probably already have these items in your home. Have the child/children draw or write on the mug with the markers. If a mistake is made, a wet paper towel can help to rub it off if done quickly (we tried this … it works!)

Older children can write a special message, poem or words to describe their Dad, Grandfather or special recipient.

The Final Step

NOW, to make the permanent marker last — put it in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Voila!!

Add a little something SWEET…

We had a Facebook comment suggesting that you could take this idea one step further and bake a CAKE in the mug as well! What a cool idea … and again, the ingredients are probably already sitting in your pantry! I did a Google search and found a link for “How to Make Cake in a Mug“. Yum! Enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day!!



  • Sarah

    I found that if you need to correct a mistake, use a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip or tissue to take the marker right off.

  • Christine

    Hi, does it have to be a special kind of plate, mug, cup, etc to set?? Thanks!

  • Khadijah

    You might want to let the cup dry overnight. When you wash it, even by hand, the marker will come off a little. Letting it rdy overnight will help the marker set.

  • Laura Eldredge

    Thanks for the tip, Khadijah! Definitely let dry overnight and heat in the oven to set. And I recommend only washing by hand, just to be safe.

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  • Mindy

    We just did this for Fathers Day & 30 mins. @ 350 degrees did not make the marker permanent on the cup! It smeared! The kids were soooo disappointed because they spent a lot of time on each cup!! Bummer!!

    • Laura Eldredge

      I am so very sorry to hear this didn’t work for you, Mindy. 🙁

      We have done this successfully on a couple of mugs with no issues. I wonder if the amount of marker used to draw on the mug might change how long it takes to set in the oven. Another reader suggested letting the mug dry overnight as well, to also help the marker to set, in addition to using the oven.

      If you have any suggestions on any additional steps to take or ways improve the process, we will add them to the post. I’d be curious to know how much decorating was done on the mug, brand of permanent markers used, type of mug – as all these could be a factor. Thank you for your input.

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