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Making a recycle city collage

recycleMy daughter’s Daisy Scout troop is working on their “use resources wisely” petal and talking about recycling. Today she came home with an adorable collage that was made out of their afternoon snack containers and wrappers. It was such a great idea, my daughter was so excited to tell me about all the things they used (their yogurt cup, plastic spoon, juice box pouch – and even the straw and straw wrapper!). I thought this was a great concept to use in preschool and early elementary classes for Earth Day. Children can save (and wash) their empty containers from their lunch or snack and see what types of art they can make with it. We have done recycled art before in our classes (using empty toilet paper tubes and cardboard cereal boxes) – but how much more meaningful if they take the containers that they JUST ate from, and realized how they can recycle it rather than throw it in the trash!

Here are some photos from my daughter’s RECYCLE CITY!

She cut the yogurt cup sides and folded them down to make a flower and used the juice pouch straw as a stem:


Used parts of the plastic spoon and yogurt lid to make a bunny:


Grass is made by cutting the juice pouches:


She even colored the straw wrappers as birds in the sky. And there you have “recycle city”!



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