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More ideas using recycled materials

milkWe are going strong with this week’s EARTH DAY BLOG HOP … lots of great activities using recycled materials (paired with a book) are being shared! There are SO many great ideas out there for reusing recycled materials in preschool – ideas that are cost effective, earth friendly and a wonderful educational experience. So I though I’d share a few more ideas that we’ve done … and that some of my blogging friends have posted online.

Exploring in DRAMATIC PLAY with recycled items

So many great ways to use recycled items in dramatic play, from using empty food containers in a pretend kitchen to using old phones and keyboards as props.

But how about turning a recycled item into something new … something BIG and WONDERFUL!

See how lots (and LOTS) of empty milk jugs can be hot glued together and makes a giant IGLOO!

Exploring COLORS with recycled items

Leeanne (Kreative Resources) posts a lot of great ideas in which she repurposes items and turns them into fun and educational activities! In the first one, she creates a color sorting game by reusing an empty tootsie roll container.

Color Activity | Kreative Resources

In the second, she created her own light table from an old drawer!

Light Table | Kreative Resources


Juliet (I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!) posts about the great outdoors – and has a great idea for repurposing old books to be used OUTSIDE!

Recycling old books for outdoor use | I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

The Blog Hop

Now don’t go away because there are even more Earth Day books along with super great ideas being shared by these bloggers this week! Stop by and bookmark or even go ahead and pin them all! … Teach Preschool : Child Central Station : Living Montessori Now : Aunt Annie’s Childcare : The SEEDS Network : Flights of Whimsy : Pre-K Pages : Kreative Resources : I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! : Share & Remember : Music Sparks : little illuminations : Greening Sam and Avery : Putti Prapancha : Early Play : 52 Days to Explore : Little Running Teacher : Look at My Happy Rainbow : Rainbows within Reach


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