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Oh the many ways to make Christmas trees in preschool

Christmas tree


Oh Christmas tree – so MANY WAYS to make a Christmas tree in preschool! From tissue paper to egg cartons, sticks to straws – there are so many different materials that can be used to make Christmas Tree Art projects. And lots of learning that can take place in the process – creative expression, counting, sequencing, fine motor development … so here’s a round-up of some really creative trees that can be made with infants to kindergarteners!



Easy TriangleTrees

Perfect activity for toddlers and young preschoolers to express their creativity! Give them some pre-cut triangle shapes in various sizes and have them put together a tree on a piece of paper, and then embellish with sequins. The “not so perfect” tree shapes are priceless!

Infant Mistletoes

This is such an adorable Christmas keepsake!

Stackable trees

I have the children make these trees after reading “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree”. They get four different size semi-circles to decorate. After decorating, we turn the half circles in cone shapes and then stack the (good sequencing activity to go from largest to smallest cones to stack).

Egg Carton trees

Older preschoolers and kindergarteners can use recycled egg cartons which they cut, paint and arrange to form a tree.

Christmas Tree of Straws

Children will get some great fine motor practice cutting the straws into all different sizes. They can then work to arrange the straws from longest on the bottom to shortest on the top to form their tree.

Nature tree

I love this tree made out of some items found outdoors! After going on a stick hunt, parents and teachers may need to cut some of the sticks so there are various size pieces. Children can work together to arrange the sticks in order to form a tree. Embellish with pom poms – and a star made out of leaves tops it off!

Shredded paper tree

It’s great when you can use recycled materials in an art project. Here shredded paper is used to decorate this tree shape.

Large paper trees

Children can tear and crinkle the paper to their hearts delight as they work together to fill in the space on the large tree cut-out.

Or try this … cut out large tree shapes out of easel paper along with some assorted shapes, like stars, out of colored construction paper. Have toddlers decorate their tree as they wish by drawing with markers or painting with paint on their trees.

Watercolor trees

Using watercolors is a good fine-motor activity for children. We encourage the “wet-wipe-wiggle” method to watercolor painting to get the deepest colors (wet the brush, wipe the brush on a paper towel, wiggle the brush into the paint). Teachers can silhouette cut out the trees and mount onto construction paper once dry.

Paper plate trees

After painting a paper plate green and allowing it to dry; cut the plate into quarters and then assemble into a tree shape.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of Christmas tree art!



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