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Oh, the things you can reuse!

recyclepicWe are participating with a group of preschool bloggers to have a great EARTH DAY BLOG HOPstarting next week ... books and activities revolving around Earth Day (fantastic!). I'm looking forward to it and seeing all the great ideas and books that my blogging friends will share! But, while we are waiting, I am seeing other great activities popping up around the web using recycled materials ... so thought I'd share a few ideas! Uses for LIDS Both Amy (teach mama) and Deborah (Teach Preschool) have some great posts on saving and reusing LIDS from containers (all shapes and sizes). 3 ways you can use lids for learning and play | teach mama Using lids to play with a purpose in preschool | Teach Preschool IMG_6972-300x225 In addition to lids, Amy explores a host of other items you can reuse, such as play dough and yogurt containers: How to use recyclables with kids | teach mama Uses for BOTTLES For a preschool teacher, the uses for empty plastic bottles is practically ENDLESS! Making musical instruments | SEEDS Network closeuprattles.jpg.main Making Compost | SEEDS Network DSC08363.JPG.main And of course … Discovery Bottles! Uses for EMPTY FOOD PACKAGES I recently blogged about how my daughter's Daisy Scout Troop made a "recycle city" collage from all the packaging of their snack! Recycle city collage | SEEDS Network IMG2825.JPG.main Vanessa (Pre-K Pages) has a lot of information and ideas for using ENVIRONMENTAL PRINTin her classroom, including using empty cereal box covers or lunch packaging to make a classroom book – check it out: Environmental Print | Pre-K Pages And Margarita (Red Ted Art) recycles cereal boxes by turning them into a puppet theater! Shadow puppets and theater | Red Ted Art Uses for OLD BOOKS Vanessa also posted this great idea to repurpose old, (and very loved) books. She cut them up and made storytelling boards! (I MUST do this one!) Cheap DIY Magnetic Sets for Retelling | Pre-K Pages Uses for OLD MARKERS Ok, we ALL have them in our classroom or home ... dried out markers!! Amy (Child Central Station) shows us that you don't have to throw them away ... they can have new life! What to do with markers that don't work | Child Central Station 045 A few ideas with marker caps | Child Central Station Those are just a few of the ideas I’ve seen lately, but let me tell you … MUCH MORE is to come!! Check back next week for our special EARTH DAY BLOG HOP!

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