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Our top posts of 2012


bestof2012Just like we did last year, we thought it would be fun to see what our top posts were from 2012! It is fun to take a look on Google Analytics from this perspective and see which posts generated the most interest. A key part of our blog has always been featuring guest posts from others in the early childhood field that we network with – so that we can share a broad range of advice, expertise, tips and ideas. It was great to see that many of our guest posts made it to our top 5 most popular ones! So here we go, our TOP 5 posts, starting with #1 ….

#1: Pre-K teacher tax deductions

Maybe not the funnest topic to talk about (TAXES), but our readers were very interested in tax deduction information as it relates to teachers (and it showed, as it was shared all over Pinterest)! Financial consultant, Steven Daar approached us with this topic, and we asked him to give advice that would specifically help preK teachers understand what expenses they can deduct on their own income taxes. His advice is clear and easy to follow, and we very much appreciated his expertise! Since we are coming into the new year, the post is again timely – so if you didn’t check it out in 2012, head on over now to take a look!

#2: The parent-teacher conference (part 1)

parent-teacher conferenceAnother guest blogger topped our list in 2012! Veteran educator and public speaking coach,Charlie Margolis shared his ideas and insights about how to have a successful parent-teacher conference. Another timely topic, as we enter into the new year! Charlie also had a PART 2 post on this topic, definitely worth checking out (see his fun “helpful hint” at the bottom!).



#3: Handling undesirable behaviors in preschool

Handling undesirable behaviors
Image used here with permission from Bill Corbett

Another guest blogger, with another hot topic … undesirable behaviors. Parenting coach, Bill Corbett answered the following question from one of our readers … “At my school, children seem to be copying the wrong behavior from one another. Let’s just say, it’s not behavior that is desirable. I need to come up with a positive behavioral plan that HAS worked for others. Any suggestions?” Check out the post to see Bill’s response!Handling undesirable behaviors

Because of the high level of interest in this topic … we thought it would be great to get additional strategies from veteran educators and early childhood bloggers that we network with. So, if you would like to see additional ideas on this topic from Vanessa Levin, Rick Ackerly, Barbara Street, Matt Halpern and others, check out Undesirable behaviors PART 2 (which was our #6 top post) and Undesirable behaviors PART 3.

#4: Oh, the things you can reuse!

Earth Day is celebrated in April each year, and last April many of us from the Preschool Blogger Network got together to share books and activity ideas related to Earth Day, recycling and repurposing. This post was put together in preparation for that … and it generated a lot of hits, because EVERY DAY can be Earth Day. Here we shared some of our favorite recycling projects that we’ve done, and that other bloggers allowed us to share here.

This topic is so relevant … we set up a “Green Room” page on our website to feature additional resources and ideas for teachers on recycling and going green in the classroom.

#5: The MAD DOT challenge!Mad DOT challenge

This challenge just seemed “irresistible” to us!! Donna and Sherry over at Irresistible Ideas For Play Based Learning posted about the MAD DOT CHALLENGE they were doing along with their friend, Marc Armitage. The challenge … to take something that is completely white, give young children a bunch of DOT stickers … and let them stick to their hearts content! See how our classes took on the challenge!

Thanks for following and inspiring us each day! We wish you, your students and families a wonderful and prosperous New Year! — Laura & Tressa


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