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Outdoor activity crafts in preschool

outdoorartOk ... so now it's MY turn to show you one of the video ideas we filmed for a video series for ehow.com on a variety of preschool-related topics. Please ... be kind! This was my first time doing this type of thing! 🙂 The topic for this video is outdoor craft ideas for preschoolers. Since the videos were shot inside - my ideas are shown on a much smaller scale. But when thinking of allowing children to be creative outside ... think BIG! The playground, park, backyard ... those are the canvases for children's art! A quick run down of some of the ideas on the video: 1) Big easel painting - Bring out the large easel paper, tape it to a fence or side of your building and allow children to paint. I used squirt bottles with liquid water color, which is really fun for children (because I haven't met a preschooler yet who didn't want to use the squirt bottle!). Using liquid water color also keeps the bottle from getting clogged (I've used watered down tempera paint for this before - and that tends to clog up the nozzle after awhile). 2) Nature sticky paper - Oh, how I do love the sticky table inside! But there is no reason that it can't be brought outdoors as well! 3) 4) Snowy art ideas - Bring back the squirt bottles with liquid water color and have a blast in the snow! Feel free to share some of your favorite OUTDOOR ART activities in our comments section below! "Thanks for tuning in!" 🙂 Outdoor Activity Crafts for Preschoolers —powered by eHow.com

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