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Turkeys, teepees and being thankful preschool

Visiting my favorite local preschool this week, I had to stop and take some pictures of the fabulous Fall fun setup in the classrooms!  Take a peek and see some of the fun ways they explore Thanksgiving all month long.

Thankful Turkey

I love, love, love this turkey that is hung in the preschool hallway, where the feathers are comprised of EVERYONE’S handprints!  And by everyone, I mean this was a total school effort, with all classes from infants to school-age, teachers and staff contributing their handprints to the final product.
























Pilgrim and Native American Living in Dramatic Play

Want to setup a tent or teepee in your dramatic play area for Thanksgiving, but don’t have the space?  Look at a creative solution using sheets from Miss Julia!  You only need a small corner  to create this interesting and inviting space.
























Some items you can include for play and exploration, pumpkins, gourds, dried flowers, acorns, photos, and rocks with native american drawing symbols and words.





Thankful Tree

Another beautiful idea from Miss Julia is her mini-Thankful Tree!  She encourages participation from children and families by having the tree right near her check-in area, so that everyone can contribute to the tree by writing what they are thankful on a leaf to be hung on the tree.
























How do you prepare your classroom for Thanksgiving?  What are your favorite ideas?


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