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We are thankful in preschool

preschoolAt this time of year, children get excited about all the holidays coming up. It is important to take some time before and during Thanksgiving to talk to young children about their blessings … what they have to be thankful for. Many children can easily talk about all the things they would like to have or “want” … but how about talking about how grateful they are for the things they already “have”? Teachers and parents can do some fun, creative and thoughtful crafts and activities with their children to bring out discussions about what we are thankful for!

Thankful Turkey Craft

This project can help children work on their fine motor skills (by cutting, writing and gluing), as well as being a good conversational activity. Use colorful construction paper turkey feathers to highlight things your child is thankful for.

Thankful Hanging LeavesDSC04180.JPG.th

This is a cute project that makes a great keepsake for families! Beforehand, cut out leaf shapes from construction paper in various fall colors – and children will dictate or write their blessings on the leaves. Decorate with glitter, attached to some raffia and tie off with a bow!

Thankful Pumpkins

This craft was inspired by Thankful Pumpkin Craft at christianpreschoolprintables.com. Decorate a paper plate as a pumpkin, and attach a paper pumpkin leaf listing something the child is thankful for.

Paper Bag Thanksgiving Book14138181374ecaf2c123d7dpumpkin.jpg.th

I found the idea for this book at ArtsyMommy.com. This is the type of project that can be adapted for older and younger children. I adapted it here for preschoolers (ages 3-5), including a page to draw what the child is thankful for, and a page to list favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Thankerchief Game

Have children sit in a circle. Have them pass around a “thankerchief” (handkerchief/bandana) around as everyone says the following poem:

Thankerchief, thankerchief, around you go
Where you’ll stop, nobody knows.
But when you do, someone must say,
What they are thankful for this day.

When the poem ends, the player holding the “thankerchief” must say aloud one thing they are thankful for. Continue the game until everyone has had a turn saying something they are thankful for.

What types of crafts/activities do you do with children for Thanksgiving?


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